Jennifer’s love of photography started in childhood and she’s blessed to have turned that into a career.


Following her studies at Lansing Community College and Columbia College, she’s worked in the field for the past 20 years, starting in commercial/catalog photography and then moving into portraits, weddings and events after being mentored by some of Chicago’s top studios.


Her style? It’s all in the eyes. She’s all about expression. Whether it’s a yawning 4-day-old baby, a family walk in the park, a proud new business owner, or a couple bursting into laughter at the best man’s embarrassing toast, it’s her passion to be there to capture it for you.


While photographing a wedding, Jennifer keeps a low profile; documenting great moments but never drawing attention until she needs to. She is known for her attention to detail and for being able to capture those storytelling moments.  What truly brings her joy is being able to document and experience a relationship with the bride and groom from the engagement session, to the wedding and even afterwards as the couple grows and starts a family.


Also, being a wife and mother herself, Jennifer knows the challenges of family portraits so it is even more important to her that it is a comfortable, fun experience for everyone. She will sing songs, play ball, blow bubbles, find out those little things that make you smile and oh, yes, she will entertain your children too!